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How to build multiple images from a single codebase

When your needs grow beyond just one user on one machine, you might want to build multiple versions of your custom image for different use cases or based on different base images. This guide outlines the configuration steps required to build multiple images out of a single repository.

  1. Create a new recipe file.

    • To make this easier, you might want to just duplicate and rename your other recipe file.
    • Make sure to name your recipe files accordingly, for example: recipe-gnome.yml for a GNOME version of your image and recipe-kde.yml for a KDE version of your image.
  2. Edit your new recipe file. You should at least change the name of the image to prevent collision with your other images, but other changes can also made at this point.

    • Example:

      name: weird-gnome
      description: This is the GNOME version of my personal OS image.
      # ...
      name: weird-kde
      description: This is the LDE Plasma version of my personal OS image.
      # ...
  3. Open the build workflow file in .github/workflows/build.yml and edit the list of recipe files under jobs: bluebuild: strategy: matrix: recipe: to contain all the recipes you want to build.

    • The list simply consists of paths under the config/ folder in your git repository. For example, if you have many recipes and want to store them all in a subdirectory like config/recipes/, you can use them in build.yml by specifying the subdirectory.

    • After this step, all versions of your custom images should start building.

    • Example:

      # ...
      - recipe-gnome.yml
      - recipe-kde.yml
      # or like this if you want to have the recipes in their own directory:
      # - recipes/gnome.yml
      # - recipes/kde.yml
      # ...

If you want to share parts of configuration between your different image, check out “How to split configuration into multiple files”.