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How to sync your repository up with the template

This guide shows you how to sync your custom image git repository to be up-to-date with blue-build/template. This procedure shouldn’t ever be required to keep your repository functional, but might be useful if the template has gained new features since you generated your repository.

  1. Open your repository folder on the command line on a machine with git.

  2. Run the command below to add the template as a Git remote.

    Terminal window
    git remote add template
  3. Run the command below to fetch the latest commits from both your repository and the template.

    Terminal window
    git fetch --all
  4. Run the command below to merge the changes from the template onto the current branch of your repository. You can do this with the main branch checked out, or another branch, if you want to make sure the changes work before committing to the main branch.

    Terminal window
    git merge template/main --allow-unrelated-histories
  5. Fix merge conflicts in a merge editor. At least Visual Studio Code supports this feature by default, and other tools might do too, so use what you’re most comfortable with.

    • You can totally ignore changes in the config/ and modules/ directories, the and the, so that your customizations are not overwritten. Otherwise use your own discretion.
  6. Commit the merge and push the changes to your repository.