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BlueBuild is an open source (Apache 2.0) community project maintained by volunteers. Your contribution is very welcome!
Make sure you have read the Code of Conduct before contributing, and only contribute content that you have authored and have the right to license under the project license.

We try to follow Lazy Concensus, so feel free to be bold with PRs.

Most developer discussion happens in #dev on the Discord and the GitHub Issues, Pull Requests, and Discussions. Use the Discord for more synchronous conversation, and GitHub for things that shouldn’t be forgotten and require more discussion and coordination. See Community.

How to contribute

If you are new to git and/or GitHub, check out GitHub’s guide on contributing.

When creating git commits and titling pull requests, please make sure to adhere to Convential Commits guidelines. Your commit messages and pull requests should always start with a type like fix: or feat:. Scopes can be useful when working on modules, for example fix(default-flatpaks): make notifications work.

Where to contribute

See each repositories README for codebase-specific contributor instructions.

  • blue-build/cli: this repository is the core of BlueBuild, it handles everything with turning your recipe.yml to the final image on your system.
  • blue-build/modules: this repository contains BlueBuild’s default modules that are used to extend your base image.
  • blue-build/website: this repository hosts the whole BlueBuild website and documentation.

For other repositories, check out the GitHub org.