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The rpm-ostree module offers pseudo-declarative package and repository management using rpm-ostree.

The module first downloads the repository files from repositories declared under repos: into /etc/yum.repos.d/. The magic string %OS_VERSION% is substituted with the current VERSION_ID (major Fedora version), which can be used, for example, for pulling correct versions of repositories from Fedora’s Copr.

If you use a repo that requires adding custom keys (eg. Brave Browser), you can import the keys by declaring the key URLs under keys:. The magic string acts the same as it does in repos.

Then the module installs the packages declared under install: using rpm-ostree install, it removes the packages declared under remove: using rpm-ostree override remove. If there are packages declared under both install: and remove: a hybrid command rpm-ostree remove <packages> --install <packages> is used, which should allow you to switch required packages for other ones.

Installing RPM packages directly from a http(s) url that points to the RPM file is also supported, you can just put the URLs under install: and they’ll be installed along with the other packages. The magic string %OS_VERSION% is substituted with the current VERSION_ID (major Fedora version) like with the repos: property.

The module can also replace base RPM packages with packages from COPR repo. Under replace:, the module finds every pair of keys - from-repo: and packages:. (Multiple pairs are supported.) The module downloads the COPR repository file declared by - from-repo: into /etc/yum.repos.d/, and from that repository replaces packages declared under packages: using the command rpm-ostree override replace. The COPR repository file is then deleted. The magic string %OS_VERSION% is substituted with the current VERSION_ID (major Fedora version) as already said above. At the moment, only COPR repo is supported.

Additionally, the rpm-ostree module supports a temporary (waiting for rpm-ostree issue #233) fix for packages that install into /opt/. Installation for packages that install into folder names declared under optfix: are fixed using some symlinks.

Known issues

When removing certain packages, some problem probably in upstream rpm-ostree causes a depsolve issue similar to below.

Resolving dependencies...done
error: Could not depsolve transaction; 1 problem detected:
Problem: conflicting requests

Example configuration

type: rpm-ostree
- # when including COPR repos, use the %OS_VERSION% magic string
- Tabby # needed because tabby installs into /opt/Tabby
- starship
- brave-browser
- firefox
- firefox-langpacks
- from-repo:
- mutter
- mutter-common
- gdm

Configuration options

repos: (optional array)

List of links to .repo files to download into /etc/yum.repos.d/.

keys: (optional array)

List of links to key files to import for installing from custom repositories.

optfix: (optional array)

List of folder names under /opt/ to enable for installing into.

install: (optional array)

List of RPM packages to install.

remove: (optional array)

List of RPM packages to remove.

replace: (optional array)

List of configurations for rpm-ostree override replaceing packages.