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recipe: (required)

The recipe file to build the image from, relative to the config/ directory.

Default: recipe.yml

cosign_private_key: (required)

The Sigstore/cosign secret used to sign the image.

Example: ${{ secrets.SIGNING_SECRET }}

registry_token: (required)

The token used to sign into the container registry.

Example: ${{ github.token }}

pr_event_number: (required)

The event number used to tag images pushed from pull requests.

Example: ${{ github.event.number }}

maximize_build_space: (optional)

Whether to run the unwanted software remover to maximize build space in the GitHub builder. Use this if your builds are taking too much space. Input must match the string ‘true’ for the step to be enabled.

Default: false

use_unstable_cli: (optional)

If true, this action pulls the main branch of blue-build/cli instead of the stable version the current action version is configured to use by default. This feature is useful for testing new features, but should not be used in production. Input must match the string ‘true’ for the unstable version to be used.

Default: false

registry: (optional)

The container registry to push the built image to.


registry_namespace: (optional)

The namespace on the registry to push to.

Example: ublue-os

Default: ${{ github.repository_owner }}