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The BlueBuild project can be summarized in five key points:

  • Mission: The primary goal of BlueBuild is to make the process of creating custom images of existing Linux distributions accessible and user-friendly.
  • Approach: BlueBuild achieves its goal through automation and abstraction. By automating tasks and abstracting away complex processes, users can focus less on technical details and more on their specific needs.
  • Core: The core of BlueBuild is its tooling; the process of turning a well-defined recipe format into a functional custom image by utilizing modules.
  • Documentation: BlueBuild seeks to maintain quality documentation that provides useful information about making custom images and insight into the inner workings of the project itself.
  • Community: BlueBuild aims to foster a healthy community of Linux users and enthusiasts, particularly those interested in custom image creation. Its community spaces serve as a platform for discussion, collaboration, and sharing ideas related to this topic.