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Getting started

BlueBuild is a collection of tools and documentation for making custom images of image-based Linux distributions. In image-based operating systems, the core images are generally ready to go and many users don’t need to make changes at all. There are still many reasons to make custom images, with the main one being wanting to have a custom configuration of Linux that can be shared very easily. With BlueBuild, you can configure your custom image and the changes you want done in it in the recipe.yml.

To get started with BlueBuild, all you need is a small amount of experience with git and text editors, along with some baseline knowledge of Linux, such as understanding what package managers are and how to use a terminal. You can learn everything else along the way or by asking our wonderful community. No previous knowledge of containers, Containerfiles, GitHub Actions, or any of the other underlying technologies is required. However, you have the opportunity to learn through reading our documentation and source code.

Keep learning by reading through the other pages in the Learn category, or jump straight to the setup guide and get your hands dirty right away!