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The akmods module is a tool used for managing and installing kernel modules built by Universal Blue. It simplifies the installation of kernel modules, improving the capabilities of your system.

List of all available kernel modules & versions/tags are here:

Ublue-os-akmods-addons & ublue-os-nvidia-addons are already included when necessary, so they are not needed to install.

To use the akmods module, specify the kernel modules you wish to install in the install: section of your recipe/configuration file.

By default, the akmods module installs the main version of akmods. main akmods are also compatible with other images, except surface(-nvidia) & asus(-nvidia).

If you want to install akmods for surface or asus images, change base entry in the recipe file.

See available tags here:

Known issues

When the upstream base image is failing to build for some time, you will probably notice that this module fails too with this error:

Resolving dependencies...done
error: Could not depsolve transaction; 1 problem detected:
Problem: package "version_of_akmod" from @commandline requires "version_of_kernel", but none of the providers can be installed
- conflicting requests

Just wait for the base image build to resolve & akmods module will start working again. If this issue happens for a prolonged period of time, report it to the upstream repo if not already reported or worked on.

Example configuration

type: akmods
base: asus # if not specified, classic "main" base is used by default
- openrazer
- openrgb
- v4l2loopback
- winesync