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The yafti module can be used to install Yafti and set it up to run on first boot. Yafti (Yet Another First Time Installer) is a GTK program by Universal Blue that is used for prompting the user of a custom image before doing some optional configuration such as installing Flatpaks.

Also Yafti’s dependencies, python3-pip and libadwaita are installed.

Optionally, a list of Flatpak names and IDs can be included under custom-flatpaks:. These will be enabled by default under their own section on the Flatpak installation screen of yafti.

A default version of the yafti configuration file, yafti.yml, is supplied by this module. To make your own, create the file at /usr/share/ublue-os/firstboot/yafti.yml. The default version of the file can be found here.

Example configuration

type: yafti
- Celluloid: io.github.celluloid_player.Celluloid
- Krita: org.kde.krita